Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 8 - Zero in Idyllwild

Today was my first day off since starting the trail a week ago. I have a few blisters that needed attention as well as some pain in my knee that could use some rest. This town is probably the perfect place to take a day off if you are hiking the PCT. They have everything needed I resupply as well as plenty of good restaraunts. 
The day started with me trying to sleep in, but once the sun is up it's impossible for me lately. I layed there until about 6:30 forcing myself I get up and start moving. Today's number one task was to get rid of some unecessary weight from my pack. That meant sending things home and throwing away excess items. I ended up shipping home three pounds of stuff! This included: iPod, pad and pen, camera, chargers and cables, and my stove setup. Yep, from now on I'll be eating my meals cold. I'm not a picky eater so it's really not a big deal for me. 
Once I had that all figured out I had a giant breakfast with Scott then we met Keith and Leslie for a couple beers. Later I went to the sports shop in town and watched a whole stage of the Tour of California with the shop owner.  After a shower and laundry, it's time for dinner in a few hours (and probably a few more beers). Tomorrow will be a shortish day with lots of climbing. Looking forward to heading back out on the trail with a lighter pack and a days rest!

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