Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 10 - Mt Jacinto to "Raccoon Campground" - 26 miles

Keith and Leslie woke me up by waking by my campsite at 4:10am. They had camped about 200 yards above me thinking it was the spot we agreed to meet. By the time I put all my things away and got going, it was 4:45am. We had a 12.5 mile descent to the desert floor to start off the day. After a beautiful sunrise I caught up to Keith and Leslie near the bottom. We filled our bottles at the spigot near the bottom and met two other hikers from Tucson. We hiked the next 5 mile to Ziggy and the Bears in some windy and sandy washes. That place is amazing! I had a shower, foot bath, and Burger King! After Ziggys, we decided to head out for 6 more miles. We camped in a car campground with a million raccoons! This was my first time cowboy camping and it wasn't good. I was up all night watching them come within feet of my face trying to get into my backpack. They ended up stealing Scott's bag and eating all his food and tried taking Leslie's whole backpack. We ended up just packing our things away at 3am and staring to hike. Sleeping was not an option...

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