Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 12 - Sizzler on the mind - 20 miles

We woke up around 6 after the coldest night so far on the trail. Kara went ahead because she was packed up so fast and couldn't stay warm just standing there waiting. Once we were ready to go we covered the first few miles pretty quick just to get warmed up. After a couple miles we ran into Alex who was freaked out afte hearing what he thought was a mountain lion making noises at him when he was setting up camp at dusk last night. Scary stuff. 5 miles into our day we came upon the famous lions, tigers, and bears in cages along the trail. Apparently they are movie animals who are kept there when they are not working. Pretty sad actually. Later we caught up to Kara and enjoyed some trail magic atop Onyx Peak. There were sodas and a register to sign. 
The goal for today was to make it to the road and hitch into Big Bear for the night. We couldn't get a hitch since there were six of us there but Leslie called a local trail angel who agreed to pick all of us up and take us straight to Sizzler! The good was just what we needed after a few tough days in a row. It did not disappoint just as the Canadians had promised. Alex and Kara decided to head back to the trail that same day while the rest of u went in search of a motel. I ended splitting a room with Scott, and Keith and Leslie got one right above us. After showers and sink laundry we all drank beers, ordered a pizza, and watched 300. A great end to a great day. 

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